Our Infrastructure & Design Philosophy

TPI Infrastructure Overview

» Dell Poweredge Servers
» Cisco Routers & Switches
» Hyper-V Based Virtualization
» Proprietary Performance Built SANs
» No Single Points of Failure
» Automatic Failover + Replication
» Performance Guarantee
» Private Network Connectivity

Theme Park Innovations provides an industry specific solution to cloud computing backed by people who are passionate about what they do.

The philosophy behind our infrastructure design?

Have no single points of failure. Provide the same levels of redundancy offered by larger cloud services. Eliminate sporadic performance problems often seen with massively scaled out computing platforms. Offer an implimentation flexible enough to accomidate the specific requirements of any customer.

We offer Enterprise Grade Virtual Machines running Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2, Redhat Enterprise Server, or CentOS.

Our Network

TPI Network Overview

» Four Redundant Tier 1 Data Centers
» SAS 70 Type II Compliant
» Carrier Neutral Premium Connectivity
» 99.99% Service SLA
» 10Gbps+ Bandwidth Availability
» Redundant Power with Fuel SLA
» Advanced Fire Detection/Supression

Virtual Machines À la carte

Choose from one of the following base VMs:

CPU Cores Memory Private Network VPN Access Per Hour / Month
2 4GB Included PPTP Only $0.080 / $60.50
4 8GB Included IPSec / PPTP $0.161 / $121.00
8 16GB Included IPSec / PPTP $0.322 / $242.00
16 32GB Included IPSec / PPTP $0.433 / $325.00
16 64GB Included IPSec / PPTP $0.533 / $400.00


Add Storage & Bandwidth:

  Dallas Houston Los Angeles Orlando
7.2K Moderate IO*
Up to 200 IOPS
0.02/GB 0.02/GB 0.03/GB 0.04/GB
15K Fast IO*
Up to 600 IOPS
0.05/GB 0.05/GB 0.07/GB 0.08/GB
Enterprise SSD
Up to 20,000 IOPs
0.15/GB 0.15/GB 0.24/GB 0.26/GB
95th Percentile Bandwidth $15 / Mbps NA** $20 / Mbps $20 / Mbps

* These numbers do not include burstable IO capability offered by SSD Backed Disk Caching.
** Services hosted out of our Houston Data Center do not incur any bandwidth charges.

Office 365

Theme Park Innovations offers Microsofts Next Generation Office and Collaboration Suite - Office 365.

Choose from a stand alone instance or an provide single sign on capability with local Active Directory integration.

Kiosk 1
Recommended for Tablets
2GB Mailbox
Sharepoint Access Licenese
Supports Active Sync
$4.00 User/Month

Enterprise 1-2
50 GB Mailbox
1TB of OneDrive Space
Collaboration Suite
Office Online
$8.00 User/Month

Enterprise 3
Full Version of Office + Mobile
50GB Mailbox
Transportation & Logistics
$20.00 User/Month